Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Roaming : Visitors to Bangladesh

Special Promotion for Inbound Roamers :

Daily Unlimited Data Roaming Plan (DUDRP) is an Axiata Group Berhad promotion in which the participating subsidiary networks will be able to enjoy Daily Unlimited Data Roaming service while roaming. DUDRP will be available for all valid postpaid roaming subscribers of Celcom-Malaysia, M1-Singapore, XL-Indonesia, Dialog-Sri Lanka, Hello-Cambodia and Robi-Bangladesh.

International Roaming subscribers of the above networks will enjoy unlimited data roaming service on a daily basis.

Visitors to Bangladesh-Inbound Roamers

While you are in Bangladesh select Robi Network with the most reliable and powerful network with extensive nationwide and worldwide coverage for all your telephony communication needs.

Robi Offers

  • The most comprehensive nationwide coverage in all 64 Districts in Bangladesh.
  • Country wide hi-speed GPRS/EDGE Connectivity.

Selecting Robi Network:

Once you arrive in Bangladesh you can select Robi network in either of the following ways:

Automatic Selection
  • Phone sets are by default configured on automatic network selection.
  • When you reach Bangladesh your phone set will search for available networks and will select a network automatically. Make sure the selected network is Robi.
  • The network code of Robi will be displayed any of the following: “Robi”, “BGD 02”, “470 02”, “BGD AK”, “BGD Robi”,  “BD Robi” or “AKTEL”.
  • Manual Selection
  • If you are unable to access Robi network automatically then you can search for the list of available networks by browsing your phone set.
  • For instance, in a Nokia Handset:Go to “Settings followed by Phone Settings and then Network Selection or can refer to the phone guide.
  • After a few moments, you will find a list of available networks. Then select “Robi”, “BGD 02”, “470 02”, “BGD AK”, “BGD Robi”,  “BD Robi” or “AKTEL” anyone of which is displayed and you will be connected to Robi.

Please note that to roam in Robi Network your handset has to be compatible with GSM 900 or 1800 Network.

Making calls while roaming in Bangladesh

Domestic Calls
For making calls with in Bangladesh using Robi network please dial as following:
Fixed Phone in Dhaka
Fixed Phone in Chittagong
Fixed Phone in Khulna
Fixed Phone in Rajshahi
Fixed Phone in Sylhet
International Calls
For international Calls dial the international access code, the country code, area code for fixed phone or mobile code (without leading zero) before calling. Example: if you are calling a fixed phone in Canberra Australia you will dial
0061 2 XXXX XXXX
For any inquiries please call the 24/7 helpline for International Roaming at +8801819 232477 or email us at ir@robi.com.bd
We are there for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a ye

Data based solutions

Robi Corporate provides customized solutions to facilitate the sales reports from the diverse Points-of-sales; message broadcasts to customized groups; inventory updates.
Robi Corporate Business is pleased to offer “Ground-breaking Corporate Messaging Platform”. A Web interface based Messaging Solution for Corporate Customers - this service, unique in the telecom arena, shall revolutionize office-operations as we know it.
Internet from your Robi connection is the best way to bring World Wide Web in your fingertips!

Robi Internet saves you from wasting time in dialing up or spending money for each minute. GPRS/ EDGE coverage throughout the country ensures you to get high speed connectivity with the information super highway. Different Internet plans are also available for you with the best value
1)  Personal Tracking System
Personal Tracking System allows Corporate Customers to keep track of their registered employees. This will allow employers to focus on employee-efficiency maximization
Supply Chain Management System
This software will be used for collecting retail outlet requirement using a flexible mobile-based instant reporting system. This will greatly impact the conventional supply chain management system adding significant value in reducing distribution delay as well as increasing the production and inventory efficiency

Robi Corporate

Robi Corporate is founded on a robust network employing cutting-edge technology providing the ultimate solutions in terms of voice clarity; a continuously expanding nationwide network coverage; abundant international roaming global partners; popular value added services (VAS); quality easy-access corporate customer care; competitive and tailored tariff plans and specific billing.
The Corporate Strong-arm of Robi is committed to keeping you ahead of the rest. With Robi Corporate, your company will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will provide personalized assistance round the clock.

Special benefits of Robi Corporate:
  • The wide range of Corporate Packages to fulfill your needs
  • Zero security deposit with NO monthly line rent.
  • Convenient bill payment options.
  • Robi Corporate Insurance Policy.
  • Cutting edge value added services like GPRS, EDGE, Personal Assistant, Corporate Messaging Platform with short code, Data and Fax call services, Call Center Solution, Fixed rate group talk plan, Customized SMS based solution.  
Friends and Family (FnF)
You may select five numbers of any operators as your Friends and Family (FnF) and enjoy a significant deduction in tariff.
Customized Credit Facility
Every single Robi Corporate 'Family members' may set their individual credit limits and alter it as per their requirement.
Itemized Bill
Call details including information such as date, time, duration and charge of any voice calls made can be provided.

Dedicated Corporate Customer Care
Corporate Customer Care has dedicated three helpline numbers specifically equipped to serve the corporate family members and they are available. This is an 'industry-first'. Please call us on 01819210952-4 or email: corporate.help@robi.com.bd or fax: (+8802) 8832502

Discover a new way to communicate with Robi Push Mail!

Introducing Robi Push Mail, a secure, reliable and feature rich email solution at a price you can afford. Now, you can work as if at your desktop from anywhere – It’s never been easier!

Aggregated Mail Box

Get all mails in a single box! You do not need to log in to all your Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Office mail, MSN mail etc. accounts separately.
Instant Access
Get real-time access for all your mail accounts. Receive notification as it gets delivered to your mail box.


No need to buy costly handsets or pay high license fees.
No need to feel out of touch when out of office. Your mobile handset is all you need to stay updated anywhere, anytime.
Ease of Use
Provides desktop-like experience and friendly interface for simple remote access
Outstanding Security
128-bit AES encryption and industry leading antivirus technology
View or download attachment (Handset dependent).
Simple Registration
You can easily avail this service by visiting Robi customer care centers or contacting Corporate Account Manager.

Service Charge:
Activation Fees:
BDT 500 (including VAT) Applicable for both packages
Package 1:
Robi Push Mail Monthly Subscription Fee BDT 350.00 + Unlimited GPRS Plan BDT 750.00. Total Monthly Charge BDT 1100 (excluding VAT)
Package 2:
Robi Push Mail Monthly Subscription Fee BDT 500.00 + Pay Per Use GPRS Plan Total Monthly Charge BDT 500 (excluding VAT).